Friday, February 26, 2010

Crock Pot Root Beer Pulled Pork

Here is another super easy crock pot recipe. Before work I put two small, defrosted, "Daisy" pork buts in the crock pot. I added two bottles of IBC root beer, set it on low, and went to work. On my way home I stopped for KFC coleslaw to go with dinner. They make the best coleslaw ever! I've never made my own because I know it wouldn't measure up to the Colonel's recipe. When I got home I pulled out some burger buns and heated up a couple of  cans of baked beans.Then you drain the root beer and shred the pork. Serve with a bottle of your favorite BBQ sauce and dinner is ready. Enjoy!


  1. Jonathan Leavitt26 February, 2010 19:44

    I made this for the super bowl, it really is kick ass.

  2. Please do not stop posting!!! We love your blog!!!

  3. This sounds delicious!!!
    Not sure I could get away with making this because of the high fructose corn syrup in the rootbeer and the msg in the beans (msg is a nuerotoxin- kills brain cells and makes me sick to my stomach :( ))))
    But with that said...I still want to eat it..LOL