Sunday, September 12, 2010

New Fridge!!!

I never thought I would become domesticated enough to get excited over a major appliance, but I totally am! We finally decided it was time to replace the harvest gold, side-by-side, circa 1972 fridge. I really had my heart set on a bottom freezer with french doors on top. Our new-ish dish washer and stove/oven are black, so I decided to get a black fridge to match, plus stainless is way expensive just for a different look. I found a really nice Maytag on sale at for just under a grand, then I called around and found out that Sears has a price match guarantee. They match the price, plus give you ten percent off the difference. Pretty good deal!

Now, my existing fridge, in addition to being ancient and ugly, was kind of small, and I really wanted something much bigger. This new one wasn't going to fit, so I called my wonderful contractor, Kenny Smith, of KPS Contracting (410-313-9996, tell him you heard about him from me!) to come remove some cabinets. Kenny came over and in no time at all he removed the cabinet over the fridge (Who really uses that anyway?) and a little one on the side that was only good for broom storage.

Now I was finally ready to go buy my new dream fridge! I get to the store, show the salesman the Home Depot sale price, get set on what I'm going to pay, and as I'm about to hand over my bank card, I think "Wait! I forgot to measure my front door!" I live in an old house with narrow doors and no sliding glass door in the back. I quickly called my dad and asked him to measure the door. 33 inches. Shit! This new fridge is like 38 inches on the smallest side! The salesman says the top doors can be taken off, but nothing can be done about the freezer door. I'm SOL! As I leave the store the tears begin and my hubby suggests we go to the bar. I have a great hubby!

The next day I'm still heartbroken about this fridge. I start looking on line at the ones that will fit through the door and I realize that they also would've fit in the space with out me paying Kenny to come F up my walls by pulling out cabinets! (Not his fault! Totally mine! I knew that the wall was going to be a mess, and I really should have checked the measurements first. I'm going to have him fix up the wall as soon as I save up the money.)

Still not satisfied, I go to Home Depot on my way home from work. I made the saleswomen pull the fridge out from the wall and measure it without the doors. It'll fit! Plus, she says they can take the freezer door off too! Bingo baby! I go home and hubby orders my new fridge. The guys who delivered it were great and I'm happy. Here are some pics...

I love the deli drawer!

And a bottom freezer! No more bricks of frozen food falling out and breaking my feet when the land!

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