Monday, January 16, 2012

The Pioneer Woman's Friend Cathy's Sherried Tomato Soup

This is NOT my recipe, but my good friend Kelly introduced me to it and I had to make it. Plus, this is my soup for the 52 Weeks of Cooking: Week 3, Soups. Here is The Pioneer Woman's Friend Cathy's Sherried Tomato Soup.  I'm not even going to post the recipe, just the link and a picture of my soup, because I'm tired, and posting the recipe would be kind of redundant. I made it almost exactly the way it was written, except I did leave it on the heat for a little while, simmering while I waited for hubby to finish a project. When he was ready to eat, I added the cream and herbs. Super easy, and SUPER yummy!

The bread is one of those Fleischman's no knead bread mixes. I made the Italian herb. Also super easy and super yummy. I topped the bread with a little soft, herbed cheese so that I could get the feel of having a gourmet grilled cheese with my soup, but with very little effort on my part.

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